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cloth diapers craze!!!!

I’ve alredy mentioned just how many cloth diaper we got. We started to online-shop last month. We spent mill(s) on it, n I thought it has been finished. But sumhow.. It can’t …be finished :p well, I’m talking about no matter what kind of things made u open safari/mozilla, u always -I mean always- Browse 4 cloth diapers.
At first, we learned about all cloth-dipaering system, and we decided to use prefold+cover system. Its cheaper (if u choose cheap prefold n cover :p) and its a better system for night time (coz all part of prefold is ur absorbency system). U can still use booster/liner/whatever and will just be awesome. Remind me to give a review after the delivery :p
And nooooowwwww…. I’m falling 4 fitted diaper+ cover system. Or fitted diaper alone. Its just like prefold system (it has no waterproof outer, and u need a cover) but with better fabrics, print (some of them), and u don’t have to use pin nor snappy. I started to crave for them. Fitted diapers available in indonesia (as far as I know) :
Imported : kissaluvs, thirsties, happy heinys, bumwear, ecoposh.
Local: enphilia, iconic-kids
Please add if u find more..
The imported ones priced for >100.000 IDR. So I decided to buy some iconic-kids. It has cute prints, but its a shame that some of them are discontinued ๐Ÿ˜ฆ (among them are my most faves.. Huhuhuhuhuhu) and thank God, I found a reseller that has most of the prints (other resellers told me they’re discontinued) T_T and guess what… She’s in my town! Yaay!
My husband adores ecoposh so much, but he didn’t and won’t tolerate the price. Hahahaha

Happy cloth-diapering!!!!! ^_^

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breastpumps make me crazy @_@

OMG… its already 36 weeks now!!!

it means… i only got 2 weeks left to prepare everything. well, it was almost done actually. except for breastpump and sterilizer. we decided to buy panasonic for the sterilizer. First time saw it, thought it was a dish dryer. well it is :p but later on i’ve read lot of mommies reviews, they said they’ve been using it for years to sterilize baby’s equipments. Many of them used it for more than 1 child. so, i guess here’s why i choose it :

1) durable. many good reviews bout this.

2) its huge. the dimension is 533 x 372 x 373 mm3. weeeww… plus wide lid opening 120หš for easy storage and allow big items to fit into the rack. wickeeeed!!!

3) Stainless steel rack that is rust free and easy cleaning.

4) Quick drying at temperature 70หšC to effectively eliminate bacteria – E-Coli and Staphylococcus aureus, the main bacteria that cause of illness such as diarrhea, cholera, typhoid fever, food poisoning, skin infection.

from the reviews i got, this is the only sterilizer u can find (in Indonesia i supposed) that could sterilize + dry whatever u put into it. so u don’t have to wipe it off or air-dry your utensils before using them. nice ^_^

5) It was said that all the materials used are free from hazardous substance such as Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg), Cadmium (Cd), Hexavalent Chromium (Cr6+), Polybrominated Biphenyls (PBB) and Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether (PBDE). so… its awesomely safe i think ^_^ here’s the champ :


And theeenn… we came to this breastpumps issues (all over again). my husband ended up with the medela freestyle. and im still thinking on the responsibility on having it T_Tย  coz its freaking expensive!!! >_<

well he insisted that i need a double pump to manage my pumping times during my long long hours in hospital (well, if u dint know yet, n just to make sure u understand why he thought so, i am a resident of obstetric n gynecology dept). Occasionally, mostly 2 days in a week, i will stay for more than 24 hours in hospital. And i have to manage it well during my work, which means among those operation (scheduled or emergency) , and patients flow.

Well, it is either positive or negative forces on having this pump. it would encourage meย  for having it if i think that i’ll need shorter time to pump, so that i can keep up on my schedule. and itย  frightened me when i thought that …i wont have time to use it!! because of my work, or the work stress that would make my breast wont produce as much as i expected… we expected! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

and the next issue is… could i use this remarkable product as soon as i deliver the baby? or should i use the manual one first?

this is the medela freestyle :

it will come with a bunch of equipments, including tote bag, cooler bag, milk storage bottle, and ice pack. Like no otheeerr :p~ love the hands-free feature, double pump, memory on pumping rhythm, 2-phase expression technology, and also rechargeable batteries.

well, wish me luck! ^_^




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its been 8 months!!!! yaaaayyy!!!!

hi… its me again…
i know it took me too long to write. for everyone who knows me well, it just meant i was off. that’s all ^_^ and now am on again. anyway, am on my 8th month of pregnancy!!!!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!! the due date should be on 14th July. but for some reasons, I’ll have my baby BOOOYY on 38 weeks of GA. It means … around 29th June onward ^_^ oooh am so excited!! how will his eyes look like, his nose, his hair… who would he choose to be look alike more? me or his daddy?? ^_^ either way wud just be nice… hehehehe all am asking is just a healthy boy.
Every time i prayed, i asked for a mercy. i knew am not a perfect creature of His, not a perfect wife, but i just wish i could give him the best while he’s in my womb and be a perfect mother for him later on.
I really dont get a scratch on what kind of mom i would be. But honestly, i kinda have the confident i need to get through it ;p i love him so sooo much. and i believe that it would take me as high as i need to, beyond all boundaries in the world. thats the power of a mommy!!! dont u ever underestimate it! :p

well…. for the last few weeks, me and my husband were trapped into online shopping craze. oh yeah, we bought bunch of things that we THINK we’ll need it… but not that sure in terms of amount ๐Ÿ˜€
so… i think i’ll just give you the list of what we’ve been preparing and not yet..
we had :
1. prefold diaper (12 newborn sized, 28 infant) : bumwear, oso cozy + snappy
2. cover diaper (2 rar, 1 blueberry, 3 bestbottom, 2 cluebebe, 2 grovia)
3. AIO newborn diaper (2 grovia, 1 lil joey)
4. pocket diaper OS (1 happy heinys, 1 blueberry, 3 cluebebe, 1 GG)
5. newborn clothes (15 pairs)
6. newborn hat (3)
7. socks and mittens (5 pairs)
8. baba luna sling
9. disposable breastpad
10. diaper rash cream
11. bath products (soap,shampoo,bedtime lotion,cologne,mosq repellent,baby oil)
12. laundry detergent (sleek)
13. nursing pillow + hand pillow
14. nursing cover
15. blanket
16. towel (2)
17. swaddle (2) –> should get more…
18. maternity (postpartum) pads (10 pcs) –> am thinking of having washable pads
19. baby wipes (6 packs)
20. disposable liner (for baby)
21. bottles for breast-milk saving
22. pillow + bolsters + sleeping mattress

should have:
1. diaper bag
2. breastpump + coolerbag
3. stroller
4. sterilizer
5. bath tub
6. …. let me think … there must be something :p

so thats it. im planning of having the breast pump at least… well, 1 month after the baby is born, i dont know, i just wana make sure that i need it. i still think, what if… it wont come out ๐Ÿ˜ฆ my breastmilk i mean.. i Know, i should avoid such thought. but, it happens. and why shouldn’t it be me? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ well, we’ll see..

anyway, thats my late update of everything.
c u later ^_^

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Try blogsy on ipad2

 i dont have a scratch on this app. so i’ll just try to post from it and see if it works :p 

huff… finally find out what to touch to publish this.. after deleting my previous one… (this is my second trial) lol.

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Skin Care Products In My Pregnancy

Its my first pregnancy, and its already 15/16 weeks. or should i say… still 15/16 weeks?? ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  Changes are things u cant avoid in pregnancy. Physically, not much happens… (yet?)ย  my breasts is increasing in size, my tummy, and my face… surprisingly got even better tone, the oil is reduced… (yeah, it was said that the skin and hair tend to be dry, so you need to increase your water supply during the days). but unfortunately, it happened by the same time i bought some new products… moisturizer, cream, sunblock, so i cant tell which one is affecting me most… these products or my dryer skin of pregnancy.

So… i’m entering this second trimester.. and i still don’t wear anything to combat those threat of having stretch marks ๐Ÿ˜ฆย  now i’m using a body butter…

the smell is gorgeous …!!!!!! another good thing is that its not sticky.. and absorbed well into your skin.. i tried to find some cocoa butter formula… i found it at L’occitane too, but cant love the smell… well it smells like.. cream.

And i also use a product from Body Shop, Its called Spa wisdom Africa Shea Butter & sesame oil body balm

Spa wisdom Africa Shea Butter & sesame oil body balm

The packaging is brilliant, although, must be clever to avoid hurting your palm. You just need to pull up wiry style lock (dont know how to describe it right :p).The smell is not my fave at all, but it comes i one series with body scrub, body mist, and body lotion. And i loooovveeeee the body scrub. It works!!! It lifted up all my dead cells on my skin. Leaves your skin smooth and not slippery. Love it!

I’m waiting for my novena maternity product for tummy. my friend has it with her now. cant wait to see her :p

Actually, i kinda hard to explain what those body skin care product do on my skin, coz u know, it needs a lil while to find out, but… im not that kind of person that will observe so long for a product effect on me :p so, i’ll just say what i like or dislike instantly ๐Ÿ˜€

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